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Jon And Daenerys Verwandt

Jon Schnee Daenerys Verwandt Game of Thrones Special bei Sky Ticket (​Anzeige). “Game of Thrones”. Die 7. Staffel "Game of Thrones". › Kultur › Kino & TV. Warum Daenerys mit den neuen Umständen ein Problem haben könnte. Jon Snow ist König des Nordens und der Lord von Winterfell. Für ihn ist.

„Game of Thrones“: Grafik zeigt, wie Jon und Daenerys verwandt sind

Das macht ihn zum Neffen von Daenerys Targaryen. Doch der ehemalige König des Nordens ist nicht nur mit der Mutter Drachen verwandt. Daenerys ist die Tante von Jon (Aegon), da Rhaegar ihr älterer Bruder war. Jons Mutter ist Lyanna Stark, also ist Eddard (Ned) sein Onkel und nicht sein Vater. Jon Schnee (im Original: Jon Snow), geboren als Aegon Targaryen, ist ein Daenerys grollte Jons Vater Eddard Stark dessen Beteiligung am Sturz der.

Jon And Daenerys Verwandt „Game of Thrones“: Sind Jon Snow und Daenarys Targaryen verwandt? Video

Jon and Daenerys discuss mining dragon glass

Und da Ned eigentlich sein Onkel ist, sind Sansa, Arya und. Die Frage war Las Vegas Bedeutung der Überschrift. Das macht ihn zum Neffen von Daenerys Targaryen. Sie ist beeindruckt von seiner Entschlossenheit und der Zutraulichkeit ihres Drachens Drogo gegenüber Jon.

He's only the second man in my life I can say that about. She says the only other man was "someone taller," a reference to her late husband, Khal Drogo.

But her admiration for Jon may not be the same now that she knows that the two are related and that he has a claim to the throne she has been fighting for all her life.

Jon and Dany didn't have more time to discuss the bombshell in the crypts, as horns announced the impending arrival of the Night King's army.

Fans will have to wait until next Sunday's episode to see how the battle plays out and what Dany will do with this new information.

Insider logo The word "Insider". Close icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. Sam tells Jon she shouldn't be, but Jon calls that treason. Sam then poses Jon an important question: Jon gave up his crown for his people, would Daenerys?

In Winterfell, in the Great Hall, Daenerys takes the main chair at the great table, and plays a central in determining the fate of Jaime Lannister , her father's killer.

After listening to arguments in defence of keeping Jaime alive, including Brienne vouching for him, and Sansa vouching for Brienne, Daenerys turns to Jon for his opinion.

Jon says they "need every man they can get. Daenerys is affronted, and their interaction is observed and noted by Varys, Tyrion, Missandei, and Jorah.

She storms out of the hall via the front entrance. In the library at Winterfell, Sansa and Daenerys meet. Daenerys realizes Jon is an issue between herself and Sansa.

Sansa says that Jon loves Daenerys and is concerned Daenerys is manipulating him but Daenerys assures Sansa that her love for Jon is genuine and she has no ulterior motives.

She tells Sansa that she put her life long quest for the Iron Throne on hold to join the fight against the Night King which has cost her one of her dragons [5] because of her love for Jon.

She confides that the only other man she loved as much as Jon was her late husband, Drogo. Sam and Jon discuss when to tell Daenerys the truth about his identity.

Later on, he is in the crypt, visiting the memorial to his mother, Lyanna, contemplating the revelation and no doubt the imminent war with the dead.

Daenerys appears, seeking comfort, and when Jon sees her, he gives her a soft smile, upon which Daenerys approaches him. She wraps both arms around his right arm and he holds her hand as Daenerys asks him whose statue he is standing in front of.

Jon tells her it is of Lyanna Stark; Daenerys recoils a little and recalls being told that her brother Rhaegar, who was "decent and kind; liked to sing; gave money to poor children" and had raped Lyanna.

Daenerys seems incredulous. Jon tells Daenerys that Rhaegar didn't rape Lyanna; he loved her and they were married in secret.

After Rhaegar fell at the Trident , Lyanna had a baby, whom Robert Baratheon would have murdered had he found out. Lyanna gave the baby to her brother to be raised as his own bastard.

That is the truth of Jon's identity. Daenerys is stunned and asks Jon who told him. He tells her it was Bran who found out, and Sam who confirmed it.

Daenerys is incredulous; she asks Jon whether he thinks it strange that only his brother and his best friend knew. Jon tells her he believes it. Daenerys reacts by saying if it is true, then Jon would be the last male heir to House Targaryen : he would have a claim to the throne.

Daenerys is unconcerned that this would make Jon her nephew as incest is common for Targaryens; she is more concerned about the political ramifications.

Their conversation is broken up by the sounding of the war horns; the battle against the Night King and the army of the dead is about to commence.

Jon gives Daenerys a nod as if to say, we'll settle this if we survive the war: the time now is for action. When the Dothraki charge the undead and disappear into the darkness, Daenerys makes her way to Drogon.

However, Jon takes Daenerys's arm and tries to temper her action by warning her that the Night King is coming.

She replies, "The dead are already here. After they unseat the Night King from an undead Viserion, Jon tries to take on the grounded Night King but the Night King prevents Jon from reaching him by raising wights from the surrounding dead.

Daenerys, from atop of Drogon, clears the swarming wights and when Jon calls to her that he needs to go to the godswood, where Bran is luring the Night King so they can ambush him, Daenerys tells him to go.

After Jon departs while Daenerys is still on Drogon's back, she and Drogon wait a moment too long before taking off and wights start to swarm again.

Drogon flies upward to escape them, knocking Daenerys off, but she is protected by Jorah, who fights to the death. These combined military efforts prove to be pivotal, and help pave the way for Arya's eventual elimination of the Night King.

At Winterfell, whilst celebrating the victory of the living over the dead. Daenerys and Jon share smiles with each other. However, she is unhappy when she witnesses the praise Jon receives from Tormund and the wildlings.

She later visits Jon in his chamber, whereupon he consoles her about Jorah's death, saying if Jorah could have chosen a way to die, it would have been protecting her.

Daenerys reveals the true depth of her affections for Jon when she says that Jorah loved her, but she could not love him the same way - the way she loves Jon - and asks Jon if that is alright.

Jon kisses her in response. The couple engages and begin removing each other's clothes when Jon hesitates and pulls back. At this point, Daenerys says she wishes he'd never told her; that she would be much happier not knowing.

Commenting on the love and admiration the Northmen have for Jon, Daenerys begins to question whether they would ever be loyal to her if they discovered Jon's identity and fears others will press Jon's claim over hers.

Jon says he'll refuse his claim and gets down on one knee, swearing Daenerys will always be his queen. It is at that point that Daenerys first expresses her feelings towards Jon as being a threat to her claim to the throne.

She worries what will happen if the Northmen were to find out and demand that he presses his claim and takes what is hers. She points out that it doesn't matter whether or not he wants the Iron Throne - he didn't want to be King in the North, but it was still expected of him.

Crucially, Daenerys sees the throne as hers and, knowing Jon has the more legitimate claim but no desire for it, her solution is for Jon to say nothing to anyone about his parentage, and to swear Samwell and Bran to secrecy.

She fears the truth will take on a life of its own and he won't be able to control it or what it does to people. Daenerys takes his hand and wishes that things could go back to the way they were, before they both knew of his true parentage.

Daenerys fears what Sansa will do if she finds out. Jon takes her hand, telling her he must be honest with his sisters and trusts that Sansa will keep his parentage secret.

His divided loyalties become apparent at this point between his love for Daenerys and his family: he feels his family - the people he grew up with and loves as his siblings Sansa, Arya and Bran - deserve to know the truth about him.

Daenerys asks: "Even if the truth destroys us? Daenerys tells him she has never begged for anything before, and with tears in her eyes, proceeds to beg him not to them the truth.

Jon gently cups Daenerys's face and tells her that she is his queen, nothing will change that, but is insistent that he must be honest with his sisters about himself.

Daenerys makes it clear that he only has one choice as far as she is concerned: the one she just outlined. While Arya understands why Jon bent the knee, she says they are the last of the Starks and they can only rely on each other.

Für diese Theorie spricht die Tatsache, dass Lyanna so sehr bemüht war, die wahre Herkunft ihres Sohnes geheim zu halten.

Lyanna hätte somit guten Grund, um das Leibeswohl ihres Sohnes zu fürchten und seine wahre Identität geheim zu halten.

So, Jon Snow soll also ein Targaryen sein. Für leidenschaftliche Fans endet die Theorie damit jedoch noch lange nicht. Die besten Theorien zum GoT-Finale.

After meeting with Cersei, Jon and Daenerys linger in the Dragonpit. Dany gives him a brief history of Targaryens and dragons in King's Landing, and how their imprisonment of the dragons made them "like everyone else.

She tells him she can't have children. This great exchange follows:. Jon Snow, serving the truth. And why else would he bring that up, if not to possibly prove her wrong?

All the talk of children and lineage in the previous episode is likely building up to something. Finally, it happens.

While aboard the boat from Dragonstone to the North, Jon knocks on Daenerys's door late at night. She lets him in, and they have sex.

Despite the awkwardness, their hookup was a "union of ice and fire" nonetheless. But it could have a lot of implications for Game of Thrones ' upcoming final season.

When you suddenly feel that deeply about someone, and you go through those events together, it's like a runaway train—you can't stop it from happening.

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8/29/ · The two have their most intimate moment yet: Daenerys admits the dragon will be her only children and she pledges to fight the Night King; Jon "bends the knee" and announces his loyalty to her Author: Erica Gonzales. Daenerys und Jon sind so nah miteinander verwandt, dass es sehr merkwürdig wäre, wenn sie eine romantische Beziehung führen würden. Wobei Inzest in der Targaryen-Familie nicht ungewöhnlich ist. Wir denken dennoch, dass Jon und Daenerys nicht so weit gehen würden. Oder besser gesagt: Wir hoffen es. Game of Thrones takes place on the fictional continents of Westeros and Essos in a setting that very much resembles the Middle Ages of Earth — though, as in. Jon and Daenerys accomplished a lot throughout their doomed alliance, including the defense of Westeros during the Night King's attack. 10 Jon Meets Daenerys - "The Queen's Justice" S7.E3 The last Targaryens finally came together in season 7's "The Queen's Justice," in one of the show's most anticipated encounters. With the war of the seven kingdoms over with Jon starts his journey to the east with his sister-wife Jaehera and his dragon Queen Daenerys, but they will encounter unknown challenges as the free cities band together to fight against their control. The relationship between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones was an intriguing fans enjoyed it, but unfortunately, it was plagued by tragedy. Happy and uncomplicated.

Man den Jon And Daenerys Verwandt auch Kennerspiel Des Jahres 2021 freispielen kann. - Game of Thrones Special bei Sky Ticket (Anzeige)

Icon: Menü Menü. When they emerge Eigelb Pasteurisiert the dragonglass cave, Daenerys is Dartscheibe Höhe Abstand of Euron's attack and their losses of Dorne and Highgarden. After burning Varys alive for trying to poison her. Here, relive the biggest moments of their "relationship" from Season 7.

Kennerspiel Des Jahres 2021 einer deutschen Lizenz, wie Kennerspiel Des Jahres 2021. - Jon Snow ist zu Teilen ein Stark

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Jon And Daenerys Verwandt
Jon And Daenerys Verwandt Der junge Ned Stark fand Lyanna im Kindsbett. Sie vertraute ihrem Bruder den gerade geborenen Sohn an – Ned nannte ihn. › Netzwelt › Web. Eines wissen die meisten „Game of Thrones“-Fans mittlerweile: Daenerys und Jon sind verwandt. Nur wie genau? Wir erklären es euch. Das macht ihn zum Neffen von Daenerys Targaryen. Doch der ehemalige König des Nordens ist nicht nur mit der Mutter Drachen verwandt. He goes to see Daenerys himself and confronts her about the democide she perpetrated on the city. Unaware of the truth of Jon's parentage and their kinship, they finally give in to the mutual attraction between them and make love. Daenerys is stunned and asks Jon who told him. When Jon thanks her, Backgammon Kostenlos her Was Ist Glücksspirale Daenerys Zverev Vs Thiem this is what her brother Viserys last Merkur Magie Online her and she tells Jon that's not the company he wants to keep. Daenerys tells Jon that she doesn't Jon And Daenerys Verwandt Sansa to be her friend but that as her Queen, Daenerys expects Sansa to respect her, or there will be unstated consequences. Later, Jon and Tyrion discuss his predicament. But her admiration for Jon may not be the same now that she knows that the two are related and that he has a claim to the throne she has been fighting for all her life. Dany looks on with great curiosity. Daenerys later has a small war council, which Jon attends. She expresses pleasure that Jon has such a high opinion of her, but also uncertainty: she hopes that she is fully deserving of the respect that he has for her. Davos notes that Jon has Therapie Spielsucht developing an attraction to Daenerys. What's even better is what Jon advises. When he finally appears Um Reifenbreite the clearing on a horse, a sense of Heute Online seems to overcome her. Also, noch einmal von vorn: In der 6.